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The Persianmine Mining Pool Review

Persianmine mining pool is one of the smallest cryptocurrency mining pools existing in the market. This crypto-mining platform is located in Asia and it supports different cryptocurrencies like BCH, DGB, GRV, LCC, RVN, SUQA, and HTH.

Persianmine mining pool enables miners to mine multiple coins of their choice, at a low average fee of 0.1%, using the pay per last N share (PPLNS)  payout method. 


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This payment method enables users to receive their share according to the block distributed. The Persian mine mining pool provides users with a tutorial of videos to guide users in setting up their mining materials.

 The Persianmine mining pool provides miners with middle east servers to mine RVN, SUQA, BCH, DGB, GRV and LCC.

 Mining with this pool does not require any registration, all you need to do is to configure your miner according to the instruction and start mining immediately. 

All miners first submitted share will be registered with the Persianmine pool automatically. 

Miners should be informed that this pool and miner hashing power are recalculated every ten minutes depending on the submission time of their first valid share. 

Also, a miner can not see any balance in his or her account until the pool finds the block and as soon as the block has reached a mature status. The user's shares will be used to calculate their contribution towards finding their blocks.

Pros of Persianmine pool

  • The pool supports multiple coins to mine. 

  • It offers a low commission fee of 0.1%.

  • It provides users with a tutorial section where they can learn how to use the pool by watching the tutorial video.

  • They provide a simple network without confusing links or special sections. 

  • No account registration is required in this pool.

  • The pool is very simple to trade on.

Cons of Persianmine pool

  • The pool has a little information on the website.

  • They have only two language options which should be increased.

  • It is not very profitable because the earning there are small.

  • The pool can be managed with ease and it represents a huge challenge for foreign users because it is not a global development.

The Persianmine mining pool available servers are as follows:


  • Stratum + tcp:// 7001 (GPU Mining)

  • Stratum + tcp:// 7002 (High-End Multi GPU Mining)


  • Stratum + tcp:// 12222 (GPU Mining)

  • Stratum + tcp:// 12223 (High-End Multi GPU Mining)


  • Stratum + tcp:// 33332 (ASIC Mining)

  • Stratum + tcp:// 33333 (ASIC Mining High Diff, Nice Hash)


  • Stratum + tcp:// 50001 (ASIC Mining

  • Stratum + tcp:// 50002 (ASIC Mining High Diff, NiceHash)


  • Stratum + tcp:// 60001 (GPU Mining)


  • Stratum + tcp:// 22222 (ASIC Mining)

  • Stratum + tcp:// 22223 (ASIC Mining High Diff, NiceHash)

Persianmine mining pool minimum payouts are as follows

10 LCC, 5 RVN, 10 DGB, 100 SUQA, 0.01 BCH, 10 GRV, 100 HTH

For more enquiry about this mining pool kindly contact their support team through their website

Kindly let us know your encounter with the Persianmine pool by dropping your comment.


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