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Smart Mining is a high-performance mining pool. They are run by dedicated high-performance servers that are fully protected against DDoS attacks. The servers are located in the United States. 

Due to lighting fast gigabit networks which result in industry-leading propagation times, Phoenix pools offer meager rates.

In need of a mining pool company? Search no more. Here is one with amazingly operated mining pools with uncle/orphan rates for an incredible service. Give it a try, and you will definitely not regret it.  

Mining pools 

Here is a list of mining pools that offers. A miner can choose the one that meets their preference.

  • ETC PPLNS: they do a minimum payout of 0.005 ETC and do a payout every 3 hours. The pool fee of 0.5%, a network hash rate of 26.62 TH, and a pool hash rate of 7.18 GH. 

  • UBIQ PPLNS: has a current round variance of 546%, a minimum payout of 0.5 UBQ, a reward of 30000 shares, a pool hash rate of 790.21 MH, a pool fee of 0.5%, and a network hash rate of 54.70 GH.

  • RAVENS PPLNS: has a network hash rate of 5.23 TH/s, pool fee of 0.5%, a minimum payout of 10 RVN, the reward of 5000.0376 RVN, and does a payout every 5 minutes. 

    There are no details on the three mining pools below.





Through the discord server, technical support is available. has a beneficial and friendly community on discord where you can interact with their support team. 

Pool payouts

PPLNS and SOLO are the available payout schemes. Payout schemes depend on the coin and pool you select. PPLNS and SOLO both have a 0.5% pool fee. The pooling fee is deducted from the payout amount before the payment is made to the miner.   

PPLNS reward system pay per the last Number share to prevent pool hopping. The pool checks how many shares you have sent to the last Number of pool shares. Then, the pool makes a payout based on the value calculated. 

Mining pools get solutions to their problems from all the connected miners. If one of the numerous solutions seems to be popular, the pool rewards the created block. This reward is then shared correspondingly to the efforts put in by the miners and forwarded to their wallets. 

The SOLO reward system is a type of cryptocurrency mining where you use your own or leased wallet. Other miners do not help with this reward system, so the full reward goes to their wallet if a SOLO miner finds a block. Any reward collected by a given cryptocurrency address may only be paid to that particular address. The balances of the wallets can never be sent to another wallet.


Here are the features:

  •  A 0.5% pool fee.

  •  Full statistics with Charts, Rewards, and Earnings.

Supported Coins

  •  Litecoin

  • Ethereum 

  • Zcash

  • Ring 

  • Dash

Kindly let us know your experience and thoughts with Phoenixmag. The response will be highly appreciated. 



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