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The Rawpool Mining Pool Review.

Rawpool is a superior crypto-mining service and mining pool solution provider in the world.  

Rawpool was established in February 2018 as a Bitcoin (BTC) mining pool and it became the largest BCH mining pool with a total of 27.3% hash rate. 

The pool supports a one-key shift between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Raw pool mining pool has a complete business portfolio that comprises the mining service Raw pool Labs, Bpal wallet and Bi.top Exchange offers high-end blockchain products. 

Rawpool also offers pool technology support, hardware sales & maintenance and global shipment, crypto financial service and data center brokerage. 

The Raw pool company has established the mode of multiple chains and supporting multiple accounts.

 The pool provides real-time hash rate monitoring to enable miners to know the status of the mining farms and miners at any time. 

In January 2019, Raw pool launched its redesigned app which provides users with the following functions. 

  • Enables users to view all the mining configuration information anywhere, anytime.

  • Allows miners to manage multiple sub-accounts of an account and also workers in the group

  • It allows miners to earn daily. 

  • Enables users to check the status of workers in real-time and monitor their hash rate.

The Raw pool payment method is FPPS and a total average rate of 3.5%. 

The pool has a wonderful blockchain network implementation, its global network is always available with good and reliable security.

However, if users encounter some problems using Raw pool or want to get more information, kindly contact their customer service.

Email: hi @ rawpool.com

Twitter: @ Rawpoolofficial

Telegram: https://t.me/ rawpoolgroup

Facebook: http://facebook.com/ Phia.Rawpool

How to register an account with Raw pool

For a miner to manage or configure his/her miner, he will first register an account with Raw pool. 

You have to register on the official website of Rawpool which is at the upper right corner of the website, this is both for web and app, while for the Rawpool app, the entrance for registration is on the welcome page. 

After that, follow the tips in the app or website, to enable you to complete the registration process.

The pool has different mining nodes in different regions which are.

North America

Us .ss. rawpool.com: 443

Us .ss. rawpool.com: 25

Us .ss. rawpool.com: 1800


Eu .ss. rawpool.com: 443

Eu .ss. rawpool.comm: 25

Eu .ss. rawpool.com: 1800


Ru .ss. rawpool.com: 443

Ru .ss. rawpool.com: 25

Ru .ss. rawpool.com: 1800

The Raw pool mining pool enables users to mine Bitcoin BTC, Bitcoin Cash BCH, and Bitcoin SV BSV. it has a friendly user interface which makes mining effortless for beginners.

The platform is very transparent and provides all real-time data and notification. The pool has different servers located in North America, Russian, and Europe. 

The Raw pool customer support service operates every 24 hours. Therefore,  Mining with the Raw pool mining pool makes mining more reliable and profitable.

Kindly let us know your encounter with the Rawpool mining pool by dropping a comment in our comment box below.

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