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Sandpool is the best metaverse mining pool. Its payout runs every 2 hours. It is a stable and profitable ETP metaverse mining pool. It has a full block reward, including TX fees. It has a pool hash rate of 1.68 GH. It has a pool fee of 0.25%, network hash rate of 176.14 GH. 


The way to make mining metaverse more profitable is to be a significant and reliable pool. Metaverse's primary purpose is to combine the hashing powers of all miners participating. This increases the total hash rate, which results in resolving new blocks much faster. As a result, miners get rewarded frequently, corresponding to their effort to provide a solution. 


Choosing the right mining pool is very important, for it helps increase your chances of mining successfully. Sandpool is the best mining pool looking at its hash rate.


Location of the sandpool servers 


Sandpool servers are located in Europe, England, to be precise. England has lower electricity prices and high-speed internet connectivity. It is also among the main producers of mining hardware. The mining pool server location has to be situated near a concentration of active miners due to the benefits of low latency.  


The difference from the registration process is the log-in spot. You do not have to load the official website. All you need to do is copy the provided URL and paste them into your mining software. 

It would help if you had a GPU rig to mine Metaverse efficiently. Operating the GPU, you download the software compatible with your GPU cards, run it and then enter the quick start configuration. 


Since 15th March 2018, Metaverse minnet has been under continuous attacks through a modified future block timestamp. On 16th March same year, Metaverse announced that they have a hard fork that ensures a safe community to get the consensus and community agreement. The hard fork was at the height of 103000 and released a fixed version within 24 hours of the announcement.  


How do you calculate the profit from sandpool?


It is as easy as ABC. First, using the mining pool calculator, you enter your currency, the rate, the electricity price, the power consumption, and the pool fee. After you enter all these correctly, you click on “calculate”.


To estimate your cloud mining profit, you only need to provide the hash rate and the pool fee percentage.


All your calculations should be based on the current difficulty and market price. Remember, the market price varies significantly over a short time. 


The results will show you the profits made in a day, week, month, and even a year. They will show the approximate amount of coins you will mine as well. They also show you how much electricity will cost for the same period.


While checking the cloud mining calculations, just make sure your profit outweighs the cost.


Metaverse mining pool evolution


Metaverse blockchain was founded in 2016 and went live in 2017. Sandpool was developed alongside the chain. 


 Our Verdict 


Sandpool miners benefit from monitoring and use of variable difficulty (VARDIFF). VARDIFF is the adjustment of submitted shares per the hash rate. 


This is one of the more reliable mining pools.