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The Siamining Pool Review

Sia mining pool is a reliable Sia coin mining pool that was established approximately 5 years ago. Sia mining pool through history has offered its users good service and mining performance. 

It is also one of the crypto mining platforms that operate globally. The pool server is located in the U.S.A. 


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The pool enables miners to mine with a low average fee of 3% with a minimum payout of 2000 SC, using the pay per share (PPS) payment method. 

The benefits of mining with the Sia mining pool are as follows.

  • They designed a native stratum protocol support that all Sia coin miners can use.

  • The pool has no account setup, miners can simply use their wallet address as their user name, to enable easy payout. 

  • Sia mining pool has No hidden fee, all payout made in this platform are free of charge.

  • Their payment method is pure pay-per share and no penalty for orphaned blocks.

  • The pool is optimized for Asic and with the most cutting-edge mining tech.

  • They offer a quick daily payout with a lower threshold of 500 SC.

  • The pool has detailed and accurate statistics for its workers.

  • They provide more accurate miner statistics and improves network efficiency.

The Sia mining pool comes with only a 3% fee, this fee pays for the following.

  • Transaction fee for miners payout

  • Hardware and staff cost to run Sia mining

  • Block solving variance and cost of pool taking the risk of orphans.

The Siamining platform does not wait for block confirmation before pay, all payments are made instantly and without charges. 

Another benefit of mining with this pool is that anyone access encrypted storage, and transaction are verifiable in the public blockchain. 

With this pool, all services are paid in Sia coin (SC) and all Sia ecosystem transactions are secured through storage profits and filing contracts. 

The pool support monitoring and Vardiff mining and they have different servers located in U.S.A and America.

The advantages of the Sia mining pool

  • The pool is very reliable and accessible.

  • Sia mining pool is an excellent Sia coin mining pool platform.

  • All transaction payment is free of charge.

  • A Low average fee of 3% with pay per share method.

  • They have the best worker support and the best payout system.

  • The pool miners and workers are rewarded with good income and they receive payment rapidly for every block mined.

  • The pool requires no account registration before mining.

  • The pool is a multi-lingual pool.

Disadvantages of Sia mining pool

  • They do not support merged mining, stratum and transaction fee shared with miners.

  • The pool has no source code available.

  • The pool is presenting low volume in the marketplace

  • Only mines Sia coin.

  • They have inadequate security.

The SiaMining pool servers are as follows

  • US West: US-west. 3333

  • Europe: EU. 3333

  • US East: US-east. 3333

  • Asia/Pacific: Asia. 3333

Siamining pool minimum payout

2000 SC

Inform us about your encounter with the Siamining pool in our comment box.


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