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The Solo.Ck Pool Mining Pool Review

Solo Ck pool is a solo mining pool that requires users to connect to a proxy server using a BTC address, password, username and Linux for coding support and running program. 

This anonymous Bitcoin mining pool was created in 2014. The pool enables users to mine Bitcoin with a profitable payment method of Solo/PPLNS and has a low commission fee of 2%. 


An alternative to crypto mining pools is signing up with the best mining contracts the industry has provided, which is the ECOS Cloud Mining Contract.

CK pool servers are located in Europe and Asia. This pool Solo mine without downloading the blockchain. This means that the users can get a 98% full bitcoin block reward (12,5 BTC). 

Solo CK pool supports the transaction fee to be shared with miners, monitoring and stratum mining.

 With this pool, there is no-frills, no registration reward, no payment scheme, this pool is suitable for large mining farms and miners struggling to recoup the cost and want to take the risk for greater reward potential for all of their hashrate. 

Mining with the pool avoids the risk of running a full Bitcoin node that needs both bandwidths for optional performance and great storage. 

This crypto mining pool does not mine transaction blocks free due to its ultra-scalable code that has users on the new blocks and transactions. 


  • They support local mining using proxy server connection and setup.

  • The pool gives 98% of the generated block rewards to the users.

  • They have low heat coding support on Linux.

  • The pool can be configured and adjusted by its users.

  • They offer low mining fees.

  • No-fuss two percent fee anonymous solo mining for everyone.

  • No pool or wallet is required.

  • PPLNS payment system is suitable for large mining farms.

  • The transaction fee is shared with miners.

  • With CK pool users don’t need to worry about logins, passwords, authentications, withdrawal or pool wallet hacks.

  • The pool is connected with high speed, low latency of Bitcoin nodes for block change propagation and notification.


  • The pools configuration requires prior knowledge of program and coding.

  • Solo CK pool does not have a friendly interface therefore, it cannot be recommended for beginners.

  • The pools service is outdated and has low technology design.

  • It has low value for mining and all current offers are less useful than it was before.

  • No social media to find additional information about the network.

  • They don’t provide important and clear information for users.

  • CK pool is not highly recommended for miners who don’t have enough mining experience.

  • Does not support merged mining and Vardiff. 

The Solo CK Pool mining servers are as follows


  • Stratum + tcp:// 3333

  • Stratum + tcp:// 443


  • Stratum + tcp:// 3333

  • Stratum + tcp:// 443

The miners in mainland China can only use one of these servers

  • Stratum + tcp:// 3333

  • Stratum + tcp:// 4334 Only for High Diff/Low bandwidth mining.

The Solo Ck pool Alternative servers are

  • 4334

  • 3335

The pool’s minimum payout is 12.5 BTC which is the full block reward.

Inform us about what you come across when mining with this pool in our comment box below.


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