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Sparkpool is an advanced cryptocurrency mining pool that provides the capacity to mine top cryptocurrencies. The Chinese-owned platform, which started as an Ethereum mining pool, now supports four extra currencies, totaling the number of currencies supported to be five.

Some of these currencies include; ETH, CKB, GRIN_29, GRIN_32, and BEAM.

The ETH pool has a pool hash rate of 67.51TH/s, a daily average income of $3.14, a PPS+ payment method, a 1% pool fee, and a minimum threshold of 0.1ETH.

The CKB pool has a pool hash rate of 1.29PH/s, a daily average income of $3.06, a PPS+ payment method, a 1% pool fee, and a minimum threshold of 100CKB.

The GRIN_29 pool hash rate is 1.59Kgps, a daily average income of $2.31, PPS+ payment method, 1% pool fee, and a minimum threshold of 3 GRIN.

The same features for GRIN_29 also apply for GRIN_32.

The BEAM pool hash rate is 109.00Ksol/s, a daily average income of $3.97, PPS+ payment method, 1% pool fee, and a minimum threshold of 1 BEAM.

Professionals design Sparkpool's platform to achieve a secure & stable mining experience and a fair allocation of mining rewards. This makes it possible for the platform to accommodate thousands of users.

Sparkpool also has other activities integrated into its platform, including GasNow, Staking, SparkHub App, and Flint OS.

GasNow gives Sparkpool users access to a forecast system of Ethereum Gas prices.

Staking on Sparkpool enables users to stake Cosmos (ATOM). Plans to support ETH 2.0, PlatON, Celo, SOLANA, CODA, and Algorand in the future are being made. Institutional investors have access to professional asset management services like asset allocation, management, and appreciation.

The SparkHub App enables real-time monitoring of miner hash rate, reward checker, and Cloud wallet withdrawal.

While the Flint OS is also a good mining operating system.

Sparkpool also boasts of multiple support systems, including; WeChat (online service), Request forms with feedback within 24 hours, E-mail ([email protected]), QQ Group (1601142050), and one VIP support.


With the Account Mining feature on Sparkpool, users can get automatic interest in their mined coins. Users are expected to get an estimated interest rate of 2.5%, which will be adjusted from time to time, and the actual interest is subject to Sparkpool's confirmation.

The interest starts counting after the day a user deposits his/her coins, and also, the coins can be withdrawn anytime upon the user's demand.

Steps For Account Mining

1. Create a sub-account

Use a unique name when creating the account. The format should be lowercase letters and numbers and a length of 3 - 17 characters.

No space or special character is allowed. The generated account will begin with sp_, and this can't be repeated.

2. Configure your rig

When configuring your rigs, you replace the wallet address with your sub-account name in your configuration file. Every user must create their sub-account name by themselves, or their income will not be paid to them.

3. Search and check your mining data

Search for your account on Sparkpool's homepage. Log in to your account and view your data. Click miner in red color, it will jump to your mining details page.

4. Get Demand Income

Users' mining income is transferred to their cloud wallet daily automatically (with a minimum threshold of 0.1ETH). Users are to hold the ETH in their cloud wallet to get interested in their coin.

5. Withdraw

Users can withdraw their coins at any time as long as their phones are bound to Two-Factor-Authentication

Steps 1, 2, 3, 5 above can be followed when mining other currencies on Sparkpool.


  • It is one of the best Ethereum pools in the world with special attention and promos.
  • It has a meager pool commission fee.
  • Users can stay anonymous while mining on the platform.
  • Users with their daily income below 0.1ETH can check their daily income with Sparkpool's Payment Progress function.
  • It has a good support system.


  • There is not enough information about the owner's identities.
  • It doesn't provide pool services for Bitcoin.
  • The website is only available in Chinese and English, and most pages are still left untranslated in Chinese

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