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The Wattum Mining Pool Review

Wattum is a cryptocurrency mining company that provides miners with trusted mining pool opportunities, software solutions, mining farm hosting, and management service for a fully remote and on-site basis. 

The pool expert team supports mining operations globally and providing miners with instant troubleshooting, equipment monitoring and miner optimization. 


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 Wattum company has earned its support as an expert in crypto mining by providing competitive rates, availability of the highest quality equipment and colocation service, enabling its users to make the most of their valued investment. 

Wattum mining pool is a private North American crypto mining pool with a hybrid software solution. The pool enables users to mine BTC, ETH and ETC. 

Wattum mining pool supports Transaction fees to be shared with miners, Stratum, Monitoring, and Merged mining. 

The pool also Merged mine ETH and ETC. Wattum mining pool keeps active operation and their updates are daily registered on the pool showing all last transactions, top miners and hash rates. 

Wattum mining platform servers are in Canada and U.S.A, and they provide management in five different offices.

Some of the features of the Wattum mining platform are,

  • They have driver and firmware updates which are automatically updated with automatic equipment optimization.

  • With the monitor, miners are able to monitor their data in real-time.

  • Their stopped mining machines are repaired immediately.

  • They have a remote reboot.

The Wattum mining pool has partners around the world and is sharing the list of programs that are compatible with their system, to make mining effortless for miners. 

Wattum mining pool also has a partner program specially created for miners who aim to change the mining economy for the better.


  • It is very profitable and productive.

  • The pool allows payout every 20 minutes.

  • Wattum resale value of the reward is very high.

  • Easy to operate on and has great graphics.

  • The pool generates less electricity and can mine for a long period.

  •  VIABTC sponsors the pool.

  • They have the best server which is dedicated to serving the pool to its satisfaction.

  • The pool is very transparent and shows all real-time data.

  • The pool works very actively on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Linkedin, Telegram, and Reddit.

  • They have detailed information available on their platform and website.

  • Good security, safe and reliable.

  • Wattum mining pool variety to extract cryptocurrency including ETH, BTC and ETC.


  • The pool has low popularity and rating.

  • Wattum platform is not available in many countries 

  • High commission fee.

  • Some of their applications are very limited to geographical areas.

  • It served only in Canada and the United States.

  • Where to mine is not registered in the main platform making it difficult for new miners to find and start mining, since the service does not offer guidance.

The Wattum mining pool servers are as follows


  • Stratum + tcp:// btc.wattum.io: 3333


  • Stratum + ssl:// p.wattum.io: 7778


  • Stratum + tcp:// p.wattum.io: 8484

Notify us about your experience when mining with the Wattum mining pool in our comment box.


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