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Whalesburg is a mining pool that started in 2018 whose vision is to provide an all-in-one mining solution for their customers.

The platform enables its users to mine only cryptocurrencies using the Ethash algorithm like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dubaicoin, Musicoin, and Expanse. They distribute the hash power of their pool to mine all currencies associated with the Ethash algorithm; hence they don't mine a coin but an algorithm.

Whalesburg aims to make mining profitable for its users through profit switching, continuous monitoring, and GPUs' overclocking to gain total control.

Its profit switching automatically mines the most profitable coin for its users depending on the network difficulty and hardware power. But it should be noted that Whalesburg does not dedicate all of its pool's hash power to the most profitable coin; its platform is designed so that a few other users will still be mining other coins. The mining rewards from mining the different currencies are shared evenly among all active miners regardless of the coin they have been mining.

Its continuous monitoring tracks the status, temperature, and fan speed of users' hardware to enable users to know the efficiency and limits of their hardware, which helps prolong its life.


Other vital information about Whalesburg

  • It uses a Pay Per Last N Share (PPLNS) method for payouts.

  • It pays out only with Ethereum and offers a minimum payout of 0.05ETH. Payouts are daily

  • Whalesburg has a token, WBT, which is tradable and helps to improve customers' profits. Customers who hold enough WBT are upgraded to the next tier on the pool, which increases their share price. It offers 4 tiers with a basic share price of 0.5% for the first tier, 1% for the second tier, 1.5% for the third tier, and 2% for the fourth tier.

  • It is a new platform being established in 2018 and hasn't gained enough network hash rate.

  • Users can't decide to mine only a particular coin as the pool will always auto switch for them.

  • It has a referral program that enables users to refer to other miners and earn more.

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