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The XMRPool.EU Mining Pool Review

In the world of mining pools, XMRPool.EU is a good option for mining Monero (XMR). 

XMRPool.EU is a Monero (XRM) mining platform built with blockchain technology. The pool is a highly recommended mining pool that has nodes in different key locations around the world. 

The pool is a highly anonymous mining platform that does not require any personal information to mine on the pool. The XRMpool.EU provides an excellent response support team 24/7. 

It has a wonderful user-friendly interface that helps users to mine conveniently and transparency,  it shows all miner’s activity and finds blocks in a very short time.

XMRpool.EU has excellent security to prevent users and their funds safe from hackers. In addition, the pool maintains the ecosystem and ensures a long-term mining system. 

XMRpool.EU mining pool uses the Prop payment system and charges a 0.5% mining fee.

It has a mining pool minimum payout of 0.1 XMR, and its mining payout is 0.8 XMR. 

XMRpool.EU supports Stratum, Monitoring and Verdift mining, but does not support Transaction Fee Shared With Miner and Merged Mining. 

The pool has a dedicated server is located in Europe that works very well.

XMRPool.EU features are as follows

  • Real-Time Mining Pool Administrator Support: Users can manage their real-time mining pool on XMRpool.EU.

  • DDOS Protection: Thanks to their Distributed Denial Service Protection, it protects users against attacks from hackers and fraudsters.

  • PPLNS: XMRpool.EU pays through the Pay-Per-Last N Share payment method.

  • Workers Statistics: With this Workers Statistics users can monitor each mining rig operation performed in the mining pool.

  • SSL Support: The pool provides SSL Support with high protection. It also enables users to mine on XMRpool.eu:999 for secure socket layer pool mining.

  • Fixed Difficulty: Enables miners to fix their mining speed to a miner fixed difficulty level.

  • it has Free Auto Payment with a minimum payment threshold of 0.07 XMR daily.

  • XMRpool.EU has mined to Exchange/integrated address support and has a minimum payout threshold of 2 XMR.

  • The pool has Compatible Proxies which enable users to manage all their works with XMR-node-proxy or XMRig proxy.

How to mine with XMRpool.EU

To mine with the pool, you have to first register and generate a recommended wallet address for XMRpool from the webpage link. 

Then configure the pool by following the procedure and step provided on the platform. 


  • XMRpool.EU is an anonymous mining pool. 

  • The pool helps everyone access cryptocurrency and use it in everyday activity.

  • XMRpool.EU is a fast, stable and reliable mining pool with continuous innovation to its users. 

  • The pool has an algorithm and ecosystem that automatically sustain each other.

  • With XMRpool.EU, users are in complete control of their mining.

  • It has a low commission fee.

  • The pool offers tutorials for new Monero miners.

  • The pool has a quite fast response telegram support with a very good solution.

  • It has a fast network server available in Europe.


  • It has only the English Language option.

Kindly inform us about your encounter with the XMRPool.EU mining pool in our comment box below.

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