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ZPOOL Mining Pool Review 

Zpool is a multi-pool where miners can direct their hash power to an algorithm, and chooses the most profitable coin to mine for you.

The Pool works globally with offices in the United States and Europe. With this pool, payments are made in BTCD, BTC, RADS and VRC, also it enables miners to smart mine within various algorithms for a 2% fee.


An alternative to mining pools is signing up with the best mining contracts the industry has to offer, which is the Hashshiny Mining Contract.

This mining pool is the first and foremost Bitcoin mining rig, with an affordable and user-friendly interface mining rig. Zpool uses different popular algorithms example, SHA-256, Scrypt, Myriad, Nist5, X11, Timetravel, Blackecoin and many others. 

This pool has a wonderful PROP reward system, this means all miners receive the same share of mined coin directly from the platform. Zpool enables miners to mine with only a 2% fee on rentals, mining and exchange. One of the great benefits of this pool is that it allows users to rent several algorithms simultaneously and gets algorithms for over 150 cryptocurrencies on its offer.

This platform provides a complete flex fee system, an exclusive Zpool fee system established around the contrary proportion between the fee and hash rate on the pool.

However, at this moment in time, the system supports SHA-256, Decred, Scrypt, X11, and Lyra2v2, and also offers effective protection against DDOS.

Instructions on how to mine with Zpool.

1. The platform enables users to use their valid wallet addresses from any of the coins their mine and is recommended to use BTC.

2. Miners are advised to set their payout currency symbol in their miner’s password setup, to correspond to the symbol of their payout address. For instance, if the user has a bitcoin wallet address, he/she would set c=BTC as their miner’s password. But if there is no c=set, then their currency will be haphazardly selected from any matching coin the pool has used.

3. Be informed that c= doesn’t work all the time, therefore, if it’s not corrected and continues mining with the wrong currency discovered, then the user won’t be able to change it to the proper currency after the real balance is posted to the address.

4. Miners should use option Zap=SYMBOL in their password to mine only certain coin(s).

5. To clarify the configuration processes, a stratum generator is provided.

Zpool payout details.

  • The payout of cryptocurrencies is made every 4 hours, with balances over 0.05, while 0.0125 is paid for each day.

  • The BTC payout is prepared once a day, for balances more than 0.0021.

  • All inactive accounts are removed after 90 days of inoperative.


  • The pool charges only a 2% fee for the exchange, mining and rentals.

  • It mines over 150 coins.

  • It has more than 20 mining algorithms.

  • Zpool reduces the hash power fee for many algorithms. 

  • The pool’s payout is made every 12 hours each day.

  • Zpool support dissimilar wallets.

  •  It has an Internal exchange


  • The pool guarantees only BTC payout.

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