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ECOS Cloud Mining Company review and profitability calculation estimate

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The ECOS Cloud Mining Company Review

The ECOS cloud mining company is known as one of the most authorized and well-respected mining companies.

The company was established in the year 2017 in Armenia, its foundation is to build a Free Economic Zone in Armenia for high-tech IT on artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology.

In October 2018, the Government of Armenia signed an agreement with ECOS company to establish a Free Economic Zone in Armenia, which was launched in December 2018.

This Free Economic Zone is mostly created to enlarge the digital cluster and developing of the mining infrastructures.

ECOS cloud mining company signed an agreement with Hrazdan TPP, to allocate over 200mw of power capacity in the Free Economic Zone in Armenia, where a commercial data mining center is built and designed for thousands of devices.

The company has its own special cloud mining service at the Free Economic Zone in Armeria, with cheap electricity rates and no income taxes, NAT, properties, customs duties, and real estate.

Since April 2018, the ECOS cloud mining company has been providing successive solutions for system monitoring, system management, and mining basis, making it easy to run large-scale mining activities efficiently.

The ECOS company provides two services which are Cloud Mining Services and Equipment + Hosting solutions.

  1. ECOS Cloud Mining Service (equipment rent): This is the process of obtaining cryptocurrency without the use of any individual device, through buying contracts and permitting users to rent the gadget from the company and obtain the funds mined by the gadget.

  2.  The ECOS Equipment + Hosting Service: This is the process whereby users purchase the equipment and pay for its hosting services, invest in it, and obtain bitcoin daily. It also enables you to receive 24/7 access to your account and view your device operation in real-time. 

However, ECOS collaborates with the Government Republic of Armenia and many manufactures including BITMAIN, the largest ASIC device manufacturer, CISCO and MIKROTIK, the network equipment manufacturer., the owner of the biggest Bitcoin pool. SCHNEIDER Electric, the world’s expert in energy management. BLOCKCHAIN, the biggest crypto company, and ROSTELECOM the telecommunication company.

The ECOS cloud mining company operates with powerful and profitable hardware for bitcoin mining, the Antminer S19 Pro with a total hashrate of 110 TH/s, which is produced by BITMAIN company, known as the world’s largest manufacturing company.

 In conclusion, the ECOS cloud mining company aims to produce a whole range of new advanced technology to reach the market’s most enlightened demands.

The advantages of ECOS Cloud Mining Services

  • It has an affordable and stable electricity supply.

  • It has a straight and daily supply of the most powerful equipment.

  • It enables daily payouts. 

  • The withdraw of the Bitcoin wallet is from 0,001BTC. 

  • Users have no problem with the equipment maintenance and its security. 

The advantages of ECOS Equipment and Hosting Service 

  • It’s a secure and reliable service.

  • ECOS grants 180 days warranty of their equipment.

  • The mining gadget has no limitations and can function for over 5 years.



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  • REPLY Kaler (27-03-2021)

    Ecos technical support really surprised me - after other cloud mining services, communication with adequate and polite people feels really great.

  • REPLY Kaler (27-03-2021)

    Ecos technical support really surprised me - after other cloud mining services, communication with adequate and polite people feels really great.

  • REPLY Malcanxon (29-06-2021)

    It is nice to talk to a really helpful and polite support service of a crypto platform for a change. Ecos did a great job training their staff.

  • REPLY Umazik (14-07-2021)

    I don’t think that there is a single segment of the crypto industry that wasn’t hit by the market fall. However, my contract with ECOS cloud mining service still brings some profit, which is a great proof of the platform’s reliability.

  • REPLY Bazalt (19-07-2021)

    On the one hand, I am delighted to have launched the ECOS DeFi platform, which is a very convenient addition to their existing products. On the other hand, too much of the application is still being developed. I am used to the already perfected produ

  • REPLY Julias81 (21-08-2021)

    In my opinion, ECOS DeFi Platform is a completely logical and correct continuation of this project. Despite the fact that while the platform's functionality is basic, this is quite enough for me to conveniently work with my contracts.

  • REPLY Gboa (28-08-2021)

    I recently started to engage in cloud mining, but I have already received the first profit withdrawal. The conditions in ecos are quite transparent, you can track the profitability of contracts in your personal account, and now there is also a very c

  • REPLY Galoralo (18-09-2021)

    I opened several wallets for operational expenses a couple of months ago. So far, there is nothing to complain about. There were no hacking attempts or complaints from my friends about the work of the service.

  • REPLY Bachalor (28-09-2021)

    Until 2019, I was mining bitcoin and ethereum myself, but then there was a strong drawdown of bitcoin and my farm became unprofitable. I am very glad that the platform has an option for remote mining on normal conditions. In addition, there are no pr

  • REPLY Lootoboll (16-10-2021)

    I really liked this platform, with a wide range of possibilities. Cryptocurrency can be not only stored, but also exchanged, invested and mined.

  • REPLY Lubars (15-12-2021)

    Great company with good technical support. Thanks to ecos, I have been able to generate excellent returns on investment portfolios. A couple of months ago I sold my portfolio at the peak of the market and got + 240% profit!

  • REPLY Uskart (20-12-2021)

    Ecos has one of the best wallets I've ever used. Very responsive technical support and user-friendly application.