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Asic Miners For newyorkcoin

Name Hashrate Power Noise Algo
Goldshell Mini-DOGE Pro 205 MH/s 220W 35db Scrypt
Goldshell Mini-DOGE II 420 MH/s 400W 35db Scrypt
Bitmain Antminer L3+ (504Mh/s) 504 MH/s 800W 70dB Scrypt
Bitmain Antminer L3+ (600Mh) 600 MH/s 850W 75db Scrypt
Bitmain Antminer L3++ (580Mh/s) 580 MH/s 942W 76dB Scrypt
BW L21 550 MH/s 950W 75db Scrypt
Goldshell LT6 3.35 GH/s 3200W 80db Scrypt
Bitmain Antminer L3++ (596Mh) 596 Mh/s 1050W 70db Scrypt
Innosilicon A4 Dominator 280 Mh/s 1050W 75db Scrypt
Goldshell X5 Litecoin Miner 850 MH/s 1450W 75db Scrypt
Innosilicon A6 LTCMaster 1.23 GH/s 1500W 82dB Scrypt
Goldshell X6 1620 MH/s 1600W 75db Scrypt
Goldshell X5S Litecoin Miner 1360 MH/s 1850W 75db Scrypt
Goldshell X6S Litecoin Miner 1780 MH/s 2250W 75db Scrypt
Bitmain Antminer L7 (9.16Gh) 9160 MH/s 3425W 75db Scrypt
Goldshell LT5 Pro 2.45 GH/s 3100W 80db Scrypt
Innosilicon A6+ LTC Master 2.2 TH/s 2100W 82db Scrypt

About newyorkcoin

New York Coin Review: Mining Guide, Price & Analysis of New York Cryptocurrency

New York Coin is an open-source cryptocurrency that seeks to offer a faster alternative to Bitcoin. Additionally, New York Coin involves no transaction fees. Further, New York Coin offers anonymous transactions.

This coin has features that highly improve its transaction times. A transaction on this blockchain takes an average of 30 seconds. Such fast transactions are necessary for some industries. Hence, it plays a huge role in stimulating the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the market.

New York Coin Review, New York Coin Company

It remains within the original vision for Bitcoin. It provides a decentralized blockchain network. This means that users do not need a central institution to process transactions. Therefore, they gain more control over their money.

This coin has excellent features. However, it faces a lot of competition in the market. There are better-established coins that offer the same services as New York Coin. As such, it may not see much adoption in the market. All in all, let’s look at how it works.

How New York Coin Works

New York Coin uses blockchain technology to implement fast transactions. It uses the Scrypt encryption algorithm. This algorithm is much lighter than the SHA-256 that Bitcoin uses. This is what allows it to be much faster than Bitcoin. The official community website states that it is 25 times faster than Bitcoin.

Scrypt requires less computational power to mine. This means that miners validate transactions faster. In turn, the network processes transactions faster. This technology is the same as in Litecoin.

However, the website also states that transactions with New York Coin are five times faster than Litecoin’s. If so, this has to be one of the fastest cryptocurrencies in the world. This opens up the use cases. It means that the coin is usable in any market, no matter how critical.

The network also employs cryptographic algorithms and hashing functions to support anonymous transactions. This is an added advantage. Users do not risk getting their information out there. Their details and balance stay private if they choose to.

Additionally, the people behind this coin believe it has the necessary scalability. This is one of the issues that Bitcoin faced some time in its operation.

Can Investors Mine New York Coins?

Yes, it is possible to mine this coin. This is because it uses the Proof of Work consensus. The job of miners is to validate transactions on the blockchain. They then record the same on the public distributed ledger. These records are immutable. Hence, miners play a massive role in keeping the network secure.

New York Coin uses the Scrypt encryption algorithm. Scrypt cryptocurrencies are relatively easier to mine. However, you still need an ASIC miner to be efficient. This coin is GPU heavy. Hence, a specialized computer is best for mining.

Initially, you could mine such coins using a personal computer. However, since the introduction of ASIC miners, this is not possible. Also, it is very expensive to mine alone. The rewards might not be enough to cover the cost of mining and still have a profit.

Therefore, the best strategy is to join a mining pool. This way, you can share the cost of mining and increase the mining power at the same time. This increases the chances of getting a reward.

The Team behind New York Coin

The original developers of New York Coin are unknown. Much like with Bitcoin, they started the project and left it for the community to manage. Now, the project is under the management of community members.

They vote on the updates to implement and those to abandon. This is a decentralized governance system. However, there is a team of developers that implement changes to the project. These developers also offer user support. You can join the community on Discord and get your questions answered.

The dedication of this community to keep this project afloat is phenomenal. It is impossible to tell what experience the developers have. However, that does not seem to deter this community.

New York Coin Performance

New York Coin does not have an outstanding performance in the markets. Currently, the coin holds the 1071st rank in market cap share. It is barely in the top 1000 coins in market cap share. This indicates low adoption.

Additionally, the price of the coin is low. It currently trades at $0.000012. Its 24-hour trading volume stands at $498.93 at the time of writing this. This coin has a lot of room to cover to be considered among the best cryptocurrencies.

Privacy and Security

Other than fast transactions, New York Coin also offers anonymity in transactions. This is a value proposition that a lot of people can get behind. The privacy of users remains a priority for the developers.

Additionally, this coin has excellent security features. For starters, it is a blockchain project. This means that it consists of distributed nodes. These nodes work together to maintain a consensus throughout the network. They detect any changes and help to keep out intruders.

New York Coin Review, New York Coin Features

Additionally, this coin implements cryptography and encryption algorithms to keep the network completely secure. This is on top of the already efficient cryptographic algorithms.

Further, miners play a significant role in keeping the blockchain secure. They validate transactions and record them on the ledger. This ledger is immutable.

All these features make it computationally expensive to attack the network successfully. It is much better to mine for rewards.

Our Take on New York Coin

There is no doubt that this coin has a great mission behind it. But the market does not lie. As it stands, the coin has a low adoption rate in the market. Something is not working. The users do not see the use cases for this coin.

Moreover, this coin faces very stiff competition. It is hard to see how it will defeat giants such as Litecoin. There is a lot of work the development team needs to do to keep the value of this coin high.


  • It offers fast and secure transactions.
  • The Coin is easy to mine.
  • It offers anonymous transactions.


  • The coin does not have high adoption.
  • The platform faces stiff competition from better-established coins.

How to Buy New York Coins

The best way to obtain a coin is by buying from an exchange. Some exchanges that have New York Coin listed include TOKOK, YoBit, STEX, Poloniex, Exrates and Graviex. However, this coin has low liquidity. Therefore, it is not easy to sell them once you obtain the coins.

In any case, you need a wallet to store your coins. The best wallet to use is the Coinami wallet. The website has this wallet listed as the best. Therefore, it is better to go with this one.

Final Verdict

New York Coin has so much potential in the market. If it gets adopted, it could be one of the best altcoins in the market. It offers anonymity, something that not many coins offer. Moreover, it has a decentralized governance system. This is appealing to many cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

However, stiff competition threatens the success of this coin. There is a lot of work the developers need to do. There is a lot of work the developers need to do.

All in all, this coin is a huge gamble as an investment. Its value could go either direction. However, present conditions suggest that it will go in the negative direction.


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